Pohjois-Espoo on Espoon harvaan asutettu suuralue, joka sisältää Bodomin, Kalajärven, Kunnarlan, Lahnuksen, Lakiston, Luukin, Niipperin, Perusmäen, Röylän, Vanhakartanon ja Velskolan kaupunginosat.

The Beaches of Espoo: The Southern Beach of Kaitalampi

In the northern parts of Espoo you can find Kaitalampi. In english Kaitalampi means narrow pond. Located in nature reserve Kaitalampi is very quiet and calm place to hang visit.

There are two beaches in Kaitalampi. Actually they aren't "beaches", but more like "places that you can go to swim." Lake is deep and if I remember correctly the correct word in english is crag. 

Rent a cabin

Idyllic cottage for rent in Noux, Espoo. Located in the middle of Nuuksio National Park.

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