Hiking trails of Helsinki Region

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There are plenty of Hiking Trails in the Helsinki Region. Many of them can be found even from the middle of the residential areas.

Many of those trailes are presented in here.

Keskuspuiston Tikankierros, Espoo

Tikankierros, Espoon keskuspuisto

The Tikankierros trail in Central Park is a beautiful, approximately three-kilometer-long nature trail in Espoo Central Park. The route follows old forest paths and offers a variety of scenery, including forests and swamps. The route is marked with yellow, round signs.

Haukankierros Trail, 4 km Circle Trail in Nuuksio

Haukankierros, Nuuksio.

Haukankierros is one of the circular routes in Nuuksio. The trail is four kilometers long and there are plenty of elevation changes along the way, such as these rocky areas. By the wat, Haukankierros is in english Hawks route.

Rent a cabin

Idyllic cottage for rent in Noux, Espoo. Located in the middle of Nuuksio National Park.

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