My aims

Responsible social politics. Everyone has to be taken care of. The good social policy makes sure no-one is left alone. Social politics of today are dysfunctional and need to be changed.

Functional social- and healthcare system. About half of the public budget goes into social- and health services, the sector most used and needed. Employee salaries and working conditions have to be looked after. People also need to served more individually than nowadays.

Enviroment. This is the time to act and make a stand against climate change. One of the best ways to tackle the problem is to introduce proper taxation against polluting and energy usage.

A safer society. Safety is both an internal and an external matter. An equal society is the basis of a safe society.

Equality is important. Equality has to be included in every sector and into basic operating of a society.

Rent a cabin

Idyllic cottage for rent in Noux, Espoo. Located in the middle of Nuuksio National Park.

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