What I am aiming for in the County election 2022: services close to home and smooth cooperation between municipalities and welfare organizations

I will run in the regional elections in January 2022. My candidate number is 369. On this page you will find my election goals in brief.

(1) High quality social and health care services

This may seem like a simple and obvious goal, but it is not. In social and health care, needs are growing fast. It's unclear whether the Finnish government  is trying to curb the increase in social- and healtcare sctors spending by closing the money taps - and hopes that someone else will make the harsh decisions.
Social- and healtservices should be kept at least at the current level. Improving them would be ideal, but weakening them cannot be tolerated.

(2) Services close to home

The depends very much on which servises we're talking about. For example difficult knee surgeriescan be done only in one hospital in Uusimaa. But frequently used services such as health centers and child counseling should be within a reasonable distance from home.
Especially in Uusimaa this is possible. The population is growing and the population dentisity is quite dense. But the situation is very different in diffrent places of the county.

(3) Good cooperation between municipalities and new welfare areas

One of the most significant risks with the SOTE-reform is cooperation between new welfare areas and municipal - or rather the lack of cooperation. The municipalities will continue to be responsible for services that are important to inhabitants, such as schools, youth work and parks.
The link between school health care and teaching is also crucial. I am currently a member of Education and Early Education Committee in Espoo. and I will focus on this.
There must not be a grey area area between the municipalities and the welfare area where the resident may get lost or the information is missing.

(4) Support to non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations provide complementary services in addition to public services, often funded by Stea (a Finnish way to fund these kind of organisations) and municipalities. This gives help to many who otherwise would not get help.
I myself was chairman of Finnfami Uusimaa for four years. The organization was previously called "Relatives in Support of Mental Health Work, Uusimaa." (my own translation) The association is a good example of the unique contribution that organizations can provide.
The public side deals with ailments and patients, giving support to relatives is not on the public sectors tasklist.
It is important for welfare areas to work well with organizations and support them financially, especially in situations where organizations provide services to residents that no one else offers.

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