Who am I?

Tony Hagerlund

Tony Hagerlund, born. 1975
Master of Political Sciences, Practical nurse

At the moment I am a member of Education and Early Education Committee in Espoo. I've formerly been for example a member of Espoo's city board.

My family
My family consists of 3+2 children and wife,

My work
I work as a chief of communications.

I've written as pro bono to several local newspapers, for example to Keski-Espoon Sanomat.

My hobbies

I like to read and write. I like to take and also publish pictures. I like good movies and series. I do play football and floorball when an opportunity opens.

At my cabin, I like to work in the forest. I'm also an investor, in a small way. 

Rent a cabin

Idyllic cottage for rent in Noux, Espoo. Located in the middle of Nuuksio National Park.

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