I'm Tony Hagerlund, 41 years old green politician from Espoo, At the moment I am  a member of the board that organizes early childhood education (including daycare).

Espoo is the second biggest city on Finland, located in the Helsinki region. I'm running for local council in the next Elections, which will take place in April 2017.

I'm educated as master of social sciences and practical nurse. I work as a chief of webcommunication. My family consists of three children (aged 16, 7 and 5 years).

I'm running for city council in the municipal elections 2017.

The Beaches of Espoo: Oittaa

The Beach of Oittaa is located on the shores of Lake Bodom. The beach is suitable for families with children as it deepens gradually. Actually Oittaa has actually two seperate beaches. Oittaa is the most popular beach in Espoo, and one of the "top beaches" in Helsinki region.

The Beaches of Espoo: The Southern Beach of Kaitalampi

In the northern parts of Espoo you can find Kaitalampi. In english Kaitalampi means narrow pond. Located in nature reserve Kaitalampi is very quiet and calm place to hang visit.

There are two beaches in Kaitalampi. Actually they aren't "beaches", but more like "places that you can go to swim." Lake is deep and if I remember correctly the correct word in english is crag. 

The Beach of Votsalakia, Piraeus nearby Athens

Since I've taken pictures from all the beaches of my homwtown Espoo, hasty person might think that I am disregarding the other beaches. Sometimes, I may get bored and go for a swim instance for the Piraeus. Piraeus is the neighboring city of Athens, in a sense, therefore, similar to what Espoo is to Helsinki.